About Monimos

Monimos - In Greek Permanence

Building futures that are rooted firmly to the ground, Monimos Equities and Developments acts as an instrument to help communities achieve their growth and sustainability goals.


Monimos is continually maturing as our portfolio of projects steadily expands. Thus the further development of our company is strongly reliant on communities that have a clear vision for the future, embracing change and innovative zoning practices. We strive to bring together like-minded individuals who possess the visionary prowess to bring forth functional zoning and development projects that make sense to developers and to the community at large.


Additionally, working directly with towns, municipalities, and cities, enables us to adapt to the wants and needs of communities, be it residential, commercial, industrial or institutional, while at the same time allowing us to provide high quality infrastructure.

Our Team

Our Mission Statement

At Monimos Equities and Developments it is our mission to foster strong community relationships in order to provide future sustainable growth and development. Our projects range from single family homes to multi-family high-rise and independent living for seniors. It is our passion to consistently achieve exceptional quality and design.

Sustainable Community Strategy

At Monimos, we believe in helping communities improve the way they interact with the environment. Read More...